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 The Guide to SWTOR Sites

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The Guide to SWTOR Sites Empty
PostThe Guide to SWTOR Sites

There are lot of TOR fansites, guides and walkthroughs online. Some are better than others, some couldn’t keep up with the updates. So here’s a list with the ones we think are worth looking up. If you think something is missing, please tell us below.

General Sites

sites which cover many aspects of the game

Game News (e.g. cartel pack previews), sceduled events, advanced advanced class guides, event guides, conquest guide with conquest calender, ...
brand-new guides for 4.0

The Old Republic Community
News, Guides, Databases (e.g. missons, achievements), interactive Discipline Builder, reputation calculator, ...

Databases for quests, items and craftable items, boss loot list, where is which special boss, where to get lore entries for achievments, guides (e.g. for Datacrons), list of Fansites, ...
not 100% up to date

basically a collection of databases about Items, Missions, Codex Entries etc. They have a database about TOR Guides.

Special Sites

Sites that specialise on one aspect of the game rather than trying to cover it all

TOR Fashion
Everything about armor, weapons, emotes, mounts and pets: screenshots, how to obtain, similar looking items, guild unlock costs, ...
Special: You can help them by uploading pictures of missing items. Or showcase your amazingly dressed characters.

TOR Decorating
The site for all stronghold owners: all about decorations (where to obtain) and strongholds (with hooks and guild costs)
Special: Upload screenshots of your stronghold.

SWTOR Economics
Infos about the economy of TOR: how to maximise your GNT profit, usual GNT prices (sever specific), ...

Interesting Links

BoS Guides and Game Info

guides and info collections we thought were missing
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The Guide to SWTOR Sites

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