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 The Ultimate Free-to-Play Guide for SWTOR

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The Ultimate Free-to-Play Guide for SWTOR Empty
PostThe Ultimate Free-to-Play Guide for SWTOR

Last Revision: Update 4.0.1

There are 3 different subscription statuses: free to play, preferred and subscriber. The info on the official website (and from other sources) about what players of each status can or can't do is outdated and incomplete.
In addition to details about the F2P and preferred status there is some info about the often ignored F2P guilds. As a fan of RP/PvE playing TOR as a F2P player is totally ok. PvP is more restricted. You can enjoy the story and level up to 50 with the old Ilum endgame stuff. All the ingame events are available to you.

Experience points aren't hard to come by in TOR even for F2P players who gain less. Do your Class story, some Planetary Quests, Flashpoints, Companion Quests, Events and explore all worlds. You also get XP Boosts for completing Story Mission, but I'm sure you won't need them. Things are also more expensive for you. A lot of Unlocks and Passes are sold on the GTN. (Be careful: They come in character, legacy and account versions.) You can buy them with ingame money. To get enough money we recommend Slicing as Crew Skill. It is also the only Crew Skill that works alone. Through Achievments you can gain Cartel Coins and spend them on Unlocks etc. too. If you don't want to work with the escrow transfers just spend all your money. To transfer it to another character put loot in your Legacy Storage.

F2P Options

What you can do for free by only creating an account.
  • full story till level 50
  • 2 characters across all servers
  • species Human, Cyborg and Zabrak
  • 2 Quickbars
  • recieve Mail
  • sprint and use Gerneral chat at level 10 (general chat restricted to 1 post per minute)
  • carry only 200.000 Credits (the rest will go into an escrow account)
  • 4 Inventory Slots
  • 2 Crew Skills till Level 400 (Slicing recommended)
  • 2 Galactic Trade Network Slots
  • Flashpoints (end boss loot restricted to 3 times)
  • 3 Space Missions
  • 5 Starfighter Matches
  • 5 PvP Matches
  • 2 Strongholds: Coruscant and Kaas City (not all rooms)
  • found or join a Guild
  • 560 Cartel Coins from Achivements (1 Pub and 1 Imp Char) per Server
  • Customer Support through the SWTOR EA HQ page (replaces Customer Support forums)

F2P Restricted Access

Some restrictions can be (temporarily) removed with passes, authorizations and workarounds bought with Cartel Coins or in game money on the GTN.
  • get the Credits out of Escrow -> Transfers: 50k, 150k, 600k
  • Additional Character Slots
  • Unlocks
    available for other Species, more Inventory Modules, more Quickbars, more GTN Slots, Cargo Hold Access, more Cargo Bays, more Crew Skill slots
  • Weekly Passes -> more missions/matches
    available for Operations, Space Missions, Starfighter (also availabe for a Monst or half a year), Warzones and Flashpoints
  • less XP from level 20 on -> XP Boosts (free ones or buy more) and Legacy Improved XP
  • expensive Strongholds or rooms -> escrow transfer
  • Guild Bank Access -> depositing or withdrawing items from the Guild Bank
  • Customization Controls
    Unify Colors, Display Character Title, Display Legacy Name and Title, Hide Headslot
  • use Companion Customizations -> Authorization: Crew Member Appearance
  • more Medical Probes
  • access to Section X and the HK-51 Quest -> Authorization: Section X
  • equip Artifact Items -> Artifact Equipment Authorization
  • emote Salute -> finish chapter 2 with a Trooper. Displaying your legacy is a salute. This is available to all characters of this Legacy.
  • quit Stronghold to your Starship or the Fleet -> Priority Transport Personal Starship and Emergency Fleet Pass

F2P No Access

What only preferred players can do or things you have to spend money for and therefore become a preferred player.

There are things you can only get by subscribing. Decide for yourself if you need it or not.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion (5 more levels)
  • sending money or more than 1 item per Mail
  • sending more than 3 Companions on Crew Skills
  • Crafting Queue for Companions
  • Ranked PvP
  • depositing or withdrawing money from the Guild Bank
  • posting in the TOR Forums
  • customer service via phone or ingame
  • unrestricted posting in the general chat
  • Rest XP
  • some Mission Rewards like Treek's second armour set
  • some Vendors and what they sell, like the Tundra Tauntaun Mount
  • some emotes like Sleep

Becoming Preferred

To become a preferred player you have to spend a minimum of $4.99 or 4.00€. While that will mostly give you some Cartel Coins there are better ways to become preferred. Buying more Levels doesn't make much sense without the Artifact Equipment Authorization (Legacy or Account). The Cartel Coins for the Authorization Account with the Revan expansion is less than 4 months subscribing. Since October 2015 it is be cheaper to sub for one month than buying the expansion and you get KotFE Chapters, too.

Preferred Players get:
  • +4 Character Slots
  • +2 Quickbars
  • sending Mails (only text and max. 1 item)
  • Sprinting and use of the general chat at Level 1
  • +150k Credit maximum (350000)
  • +1 Crew Skill Slot per character
  • +3 GTN Slots
  • +320 Cartel Coins from Achivements per Server

F2P Guild

Most guilds are subscriber guilds. Info about F2P or preferred guilds is therefore rare. The subscription status of the Guild Leader is deciding.
A guild with only F2P members doesn't get much. There is a 5% XP Bonus for all members. Contrary to many sources the guild name can be displayed. The rank of a member can be changed and member/officer notes added. For every preferred account 0.2% will be added to XP Bonus and Reputation Bonus. With enough guild members (12 chars) and an escrow transfer it is possible to get a Guild Bank, but only for items. So as a F2P/preferred guild you can't have a Guild Stronghold or a Guild Ship. Therefore you can't invade a planet during a conquest event.

Is there something else you want to know about what F2P and preferred players can/can't do? Comment below.
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The Ultimate Free-to-Play Guide for SWTOR :: Comments

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The Ultimate Free-to-Play Guide for SWTOR

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